Human Rights Watch

Sri Lankan authorities should challenge a parliamentarian’s claim as to the whereabouts of a political cartoonist who was forcibly disappeared in 2010 and provide information on his fate.

Srilanka Campaign

The situation in Sri Lanka is bad and getting worse. Sri Lankans of all ethnicities are suffering under a Government which allows journalists and human rights activists to be disappeared or tortured and which intimidates all its critics into silence. Meanwhile much of the north and east of the country has still not recovered …. Both sides,

Tamil Against Genocide

As Tamils and human rights organizations mark the third anniversary of the mass atrocities in Sri Lanka against the Tamil population, the US government holds bilateral talks with Sri Lanka on accountability, Tamil Americans hold remembrance rallies and human rights organizations call for international investigations. …

Global Tamil Forum

Evolve an independent, international organization which adheres to the principles of democracy and non-violence and derives its strength from grassroots organizations of the Tamil Diaspora that will work in solidarity with Tamils in Eelam and other communities in Sri Lanka to restore Tamil Peoples right to self-determination.